Initial Paperwork 

To get started please download, complete, and submit an FM – Coaching Contract.You can complete this packet using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (a free program that includes the “Fill & Sign” feature). If you’re not familiar with it, you can expect to quickly learn this PDF overwrite feature. It allows you to hover your cursor over preset text or check boxes to enter your typed answers, place checks in selection boxes, and apply your own signature (if you have a touchscreen). If you have trouble with it, please contact me to arrange an orientation call.

To ensure privacy when you send me your completed contract, you can attach it to a message you send me using the “Contact Us” page on this website. Or you can attach it in a reply to a Hushmail email that I’ve sent you ( Or you can fax it to 480.247.5521. You can also print the contract to complete it by hand then scan and send it to me. If you cannot scan it, you can of course mail it to me. I do need it before our first meeting.

Thanks for your cooperation in saving us time before we meet.

Session Prep Form

Once we get started, I will email you a Coaching Session Form for each subsequent session. You will use this form to prepare to get the most out of each meeting. Complete a fresh one before each session. Please send it to me prior to our appointment. You can use your copy to take notes in session as well. I recommend that you keep each one with all your notes to track your process and progress.