Getting Started 

If you have questions about me or my services, just call for a brief discussion by phone. Or send your message using this website’s “Contact Us” page. while we talk if you are ready we can schedule a first meeting. 

Otherwise, take a look at my schedule for open appointment times for both online video and in person meetings. Select the time that works for you and your appointment request q. Mind you, by the time you reach me your choice may have been committed. If it remains available, I can agree to that meeting time or work with you to find the soonest one that works for both or us. 

Once we pick a time, I’ll can email you instructions for registering into my client portal and to process some initial paperwork. When I have the chance to look through your paperwork before our first meeting, helps me help you right away. To do so, I need to receive you paperwork at least a few hours before our appointment.