Personal Guidance System

Emotional experience for most is rich with value. One key dimension that can go unappreciated or even overlooked is the guidance that emotion offers. Generally speaking, when you feel good the response indicates that you are on track. When you feel bad the response indicates that you want or need to get back on track. It is important to remember that emotions are a responsive system. They represent or reflect how your circumstances impact you. As they do the basic nature of emotion is to respond then release. So as you remain on track or you get back on track you can feel guided toward alignment with who you are and what you are. And as with the guided missile, you may use the point-to-point response variation to help you along a self-affirming path. Your emotional sensitivity is vulnerable to low awareness, misinterpretation, and distortions. Invulnerability comes through awareness and flexibility allowing you to consciously and deliberately course correct. I recommend that you strive to feel good as consistently as possible. It can be done even in the worst of times.