Telemental Health Services

Online-Video & Phone Meetings

Therapy sessions can be conducted via online video or phone. I prefer online video. I use a service called VSee where I have a “virtual clinic”. I work with individuals, couples, and family groups who use their personal computers, tablets, or smartphones to meet with me across secured electronic communication. It works great start to finish and allows you to be anywhere in Oregon that has a sufficient internet connection (3-5 gigabytes per second for upload & download) available in a reliably private space. (For a general orientation to the VSee video meeting experience follow this link.) Without video, of course we just use a phone.

To get started using video sessions, you access my “virtual clinic” through your web browser. (Follow this link or copy it into your browser: Just follow the instructions to sign up as a member of my clinic. Once you have, you simply return to the “my VSee clinic” at our appointment time to enter “my waiting room”. You will also be directed to download the VSee Messenger which is the secured video-chat program that we each need for our meetings. (You can familiarize yourself with the “waiting room” and VSee Messenger any time prior to our appointment.) (VSee Messenger apps are available for Android or Apple devices. Through these apps, you access my “waiting room” using the room code: lhood ) 

When you register into “my VSee clinic” or when you return to the site for our meetings the site asks you for information and/or updates. All I need is name, email, phone, and the pay card information. Your pay card information is stored in the secure system for automatic payments at the end of each session. If you will have no out-of-pocket obligation while working with me, then you need not enter a pay card.

At the time of our appointment, I will find you in “my VSee waiting room” and initiate our session. For best results, you need a good internet and/or cell connection (upload 3-4 mb/s, download 3-4 mb/s). You will also want a location that is reliably private. If you are a couple or family using just one device, please be sure that everyone can be seen in the camera frame and is close enough to the microphone to be heard. (VSee Messenger allows you to test your audio & video setup.) Otherwise, you can use more than one device and each person can join the same call at once. In “my VSee clinic“, just one devise user enters as the client while the others enter as guests.

Regardless of how you access the web, the connection can become inconsistent or otherwise unstable. It doesn’t happen often. If that occurs at any point while we are meeting, please be patient. The video and audio may well recover quickly. If not, we can try shutting off the video to decrease the load on the connection. (Actually, for any video conference it helps to close as many other programs as possible.) If using audio only fails on VSee Messenger, we can connect by phone to discuss options which include holding the session by phone if necessary.