Online Video or Phone Services

Online-Video & Phone Meetings

Counseling or coaching sessions can be conducted via online video or phone. I prefer online video. I work with individuals, couples, and family groups who use their personal computers, tablets, or smartphones to meet with me across secured electronic communication. It works great start to finish and allows you to be anywhere in Oregon that has a sufficient internet connection (3-5 gigabytes per second for upload & download) available in a reliably private space. Without video, of course we just use a phone. However for mental health treatment, your health insurance may not cover phone visits but will cover online video ones.

To get started using video sessions, just follow the instructions for getting started with counseling or coaching. For an orientation and user tips for the video platform that I use please visit “Getting Started with Telehealth“.

By the time of our appointment, you should have an appointment reminder email that includes a link to the video session page. From there, you just click through into the session. You can participate using your computer or smartphone. It works best with a headset. And please choose a quiet and private location. 

Regardless of how you access the web, the connection can become inconsistent or otherwise unstable. It doesn’t happen often. If that occurs at any point while we are meeting, please be patient. The video and audio may well recover quickly. If not, we can try shutting off the video to decrease the load on the connection. (Actually, for any video conference it helps to close as many other programs as possible.) If using audio only fails, we can connect by phone to discuss options which include holding the session by phone if necessary.