Coaching Services

11-1015 Proxy Falls 3Ready to experience the best of who and what you are?

What you can expect…

Coaching is “inspiring an individual, family or team to produce a desired result through personalized teaching, expanding awareness and designing environments for sustainable success.” (Dave Buck, president of CoachVille). The experience of coaching is “a little like having a secret business partner who’s totally dedicated to your success…but where you get to keep all the profits.” (Ben Dean, PhD, Mentor Coach).

It’s my job to help you clarify your direction, identify what expansion or change will clear the path, and support the growth needed to move forward into your true purpose. I coach people involved in business start ups, managing growing companies, engaged in creative expression, as well as, whoever has the need to grow into higher levels of freedom, prosperity, and joy. I use a variety of tools, adapting my approach to each person’s situation. In addition to traditional coaching techniques, I may use hypnosis, muscle testing, emotional release procedures, belief restructuring, or spiritual direction methods.

How it goes…

Coaching starts by focusing on the your “growing edge” to begin cultivating seeds of potential. You may choose forward motion in any area of personal growth–health, wealth, relationships, and happiness. Through weekly or more frequent contact with me, you can draw on my ability to expand your self-discovery and stimulate progress in your personal or professional growth. Coaching may be delivered by phone or in person. Email works too. Seeing you grow is my greatest reward! Your reward is stepping into you dreams now.