Butterfly Emerging StagesReady to start healing, recovery, and growth?

What you can expect…

I provide counseling to individuals, couples, & families. I work with people who are at least school age on up to elderly. I use therapeutic conversation, hypnosis, personal growth coaching & emotional processing & releasing techniques that lead to personal healing & stronger relationships.

As human beings, you & I may experience a variety of so-called “disorders.” Some of them can be present from birth. Some occur as an individual learns to adapt to the world. Some conditions respond well & perhaps only to medication or some form of physical rebalancing.

Most conditions can be successfully treated by counseling alone or by a combination of counseling & treatment by a physician. Your results may include full symptom relief & growth beyond your original adaptation to the world. They may range from simple acceptance of some limitations along with powerful growth in your circumstances.

Our experience along with research tells us that you can expect some relief just through seeking help. Through counseling, you may well release whatever blocks you & discover a more powerful understanding of your condition. At best you will be stronger as you move on. You will feel even more capable in your life.

How it goes…

For the most part I see counseling clients face-to-face in my office. Counseling by phone or video conference can work just as well especially after at least one face-to-face meeting. The cost of counseling may be covered by insurance. When it is, the carrier usually requires face-to-face services.