Telemental Health Care Can be the Future!

Telemental health is a relatively new medium. Yes, the client meets with the clinician via online audio/video. From what I read, it is increasingly accepted as an effective way to gain the benefits of mental health assessment and treatment. From my experience and clients’ reports, it is not only convenient but often allows for the kind of growth experiences encountered in face to face meetings. I’ve even seen this medium seem to work better for clients than meeting in the office. Of course, it is important for the client to have a reliably private location in which to participate.

This medium arises in the confluence of tech developments (increasingly higher quality audio/video via internet and sufficiently stronger security to ensure privacy) and the readiness, willingness, and preferences of mental health care consumers. Across my years as a treatment provider, I have mastered a wide range of approaches and techniques to facilitate healing, recovery, and growth. I can easily and effectively provide my services via tele-mental health without any sacrifice of tools that work.

For telemental heath to work well, it is vital to have a good internet connection. A strong and consistent signal supports communication that feels like face-to-face. I did my research to find a high quality, secure system for online video meetings. It is designed for mental health care and includes secure payment of out-of-pocket obligations at the close of each meeting.